Some of the newest, most simple consumer products that we at the New Energy Congress have found in our search for the Global Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies. See note.

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Fuel Economy

  • Fuel Efficiency > Hydrogen Injection >
    Hydrogen-Boost Mileage Enhancement System
    - On-board electrolysis system injects hydrogen into air intake, to improve mileage and power, while decreasing emissions. 
    The system also includes fuel heating, a permanent engine treatment, an electronic control circuit to control the air/fuel ratio, a Scangauge, and driving tips. In all the system typically increases mileage from between 15% and 50%.  Return on investment for frequent drivers is between 2-3 years. 

Affordable Residential Renewable Power

Ground Source Heat Pump

  • EarthLinked Technologies - Company has been in the business of installing Ground Source Heat Pumps for nearly two decades. The residential and commercial systems save energy in the winter and summer, drawing from the thermal mass of the earth with their direct geo-exchange technology. ROI is just a few years. (PESWiki; July 18, 2008)



  • SCENAR Makes Life Bearable for Tom Bearden - Well-known energy personality tells of his experience with this biofeedback device, which by stimulating the nervous system is able to inform the brain of where the ailments are, so the brain can send out the proper signals for the body to heal itself of a wide variety of illnesses.

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